We are now taking pre-orders for the Frostmoon Eclipse – The Legacy cd at the very special pre-order price of $6.66!!!

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Forstmoon Eclipse - \"The Legacy\"

We are now taking pre-orders on the Frostmoon Eclipse – “The Legacy” CD at the very special pre-order price of $6.66!!! Once the cd is officially released on June 2nd the price will go up to the normal $9.00. Click here to purchase.

A collection of rare and hard to find tracks culled from limited edition mCD’s and ep’s including the “Life is Fading Away…” mCD from ’04, “Revenge in Scorn” ep from ’00, “Supreme Triumph in Black” mCD from ’99 as well as a Tiamat cover (Cold Seed), a Cathedral cover (Imprisoned in Flesh) and four previously unreleased live tracks recorded in Verona, Italy in ’08. The CD is presented in a DVD case with artwork that has been designed to resemble a weathered old book and also comes with a two sided insert with info on all 16 tracks and a sticker, making this a definate must have for all diehard Frostmoon Eclipse fans. All limited to 500 copies.



New CD arrivals!!!

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New cd’s in stock today (05/11/08).

Darkest Grove – Pain And Suffering Shall Be Known

Finntroll – Nattfodd

Finntroll – Ur Jordens Djup

Ghosts of Breslau – and should the spring come…

Graveland – Drunemeton

Hellhammer – Demon Entrails 2CD

Immolation – Shadows in the Light

Lutomysl – Catharsis

Naglfar – Harvest

The Evpatoria Report – Golevka

The Soil Bleeds Black – Alchemie

Click HERE for mailorder section.

New Arrivals! 04/14/08 Nadja, Skullflower, fragment…etc

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Abyssmal Sorrow – Lament

Carved in Stone – Tales of Glory and Tragedy

Cervix – In the red night, a roar…Slowly, a chant began…

Cult of Daath – The Grand Torturers of Hell

E.V.P. – Postmortem Canticles of Necromancy

fragment. – monolith

Mistress of the Dead – Weeping Silence of the Dead

Nadja – Desire In Uneasiness

Quinta Essentia – Neutrality for Defined Chaos

Skullflower – IIIrd Gatekeeper

Underjordiska – Dystert Vilse

Wildildlife – Six

Xerion – Nocturnal Misanthropia




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New mailorder arrivals available now.


Nadja – Long Dark Twenties 7inch


Concubia Nocte – By the Axe of Perun and the Hammer of Thor

Eldrig – Everlasting War Divinity

Magister Dixit – My anger is an eternal field of demonized mercenaries

Monarque – Fier heretique

Moonlyght – Shining

Onirot – Deus ex Machina

V / A – Sacrifice at the Alter of the Satanic Blood Angel: Tribute to VON

V.A.C.K. – L’ombre De La Solitude

Velnias at Ye Olde Town Inn this Saturday!

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Velnias, Mephisto, Withering Soul

Velnias will be playing a show at Ye Olde Town Inn, Mount Prospect, Illinois this Saturday the 5th of April. If you happen to be in the area be sure to check it out. Or, if your not in the area and you feel like a road trip…check it out! Also on the bill are Mephisto and Withering Soul.

“I Am Providence” by FROSTMOON ECLIPSE now available!

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Frostmoon Eclipse - I Am Providence

Volume # VI in the H.P. Lovecraft series is now available in the form of “I Am Providence” by FROSTMOON ECLIPSE! Also, we found a few of the SMOHALLA – “Nova Persei” (Volume V) laying around that we didn’t realize we still had so if there is anybody out there that didn’t get in on that one we made those few copies available again. Click HERE to purchase these super limited items.

Celestial Sea – Deep Inside the Cold released today!

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Celestial Sea - Deep Inside the Cold

Today we released another in our ‘few and far between’ limited pro cd-r’s in the form of the “Deep Inside the Cold” cd by Celestial Sea.

Four rather lengthy tracks of ‘celestial’ post-rock featuring God is Myth Records label owner Todd Paulson (all instruments and programming) and Andrew Curtis-Brignell (vocals) from the mighty UK post-black metal project CAINA. This material was recorded last spring/summer and came together out of a shared passion for bands like MOGWAI, MAGYAR POSSE, CERBERUS SHOAL, MONO, EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY, ISIS, CULT OF LUNA, 70’S rock, metal and other forms of ‘celestial’ music. The release is a pro-duplicated cd-r limited to 300 copies and will come housed in a nice eco-wallet. Two black metal guys playing post rock…now thats CULT!

To listen to some mp3 samples click HERE. To purchase the cd click HERE.