BROWN JENKINS to record ep for next installment of the Lovecraft Series.

We are extremely proud and excited to announce that the next installment of the Lovecraft Series will be from Lovecraft enthusiast and Moribund Recording artist BROWN JENKINS! The news was recently posted in a statement on and we are ready to confirm this. Here is the news as it appears. Keep watching God is Myth Records for further updates:

Austin, Texas-based black metal band BROWN JENKINS will enter the studio on August 1 to begin recording a new three-song EP entitled “Welcome the Bitterness”. The CD will contain around 16-17 minutes of new material and will be released on God is Myth as part of the label’s Lovecraft tribute series.

“Welcome the Bitterness” track listing:

01. Broken
02. Second Silence
03. The Nameless

Says the band: “People who are expecting a follow-up to ‘Angel Eyes’ might be a little surprised, as this is a work of joy (joy in death) as a memorial to Lovecraft, and as such is a departure from the sound of the last album. It opens up new areas for JENKINS, but still (of course) features the same compositional convictions. It should take about two weeks to record, and then the release date is then up to God is Myth.”

Brown Jenkins

Brown Jenkins


~ by godismythrecords on August 2, 2008.

2 Responses to “BROWN JENKINS to record ep for next installment of the Lovecraft Series.”

  1. Fantastic, can’t wait. Sure to be yet another jewel in this pefect series!!!

  2. The sample sounds awesome…can’t wait to hear the entire thing. Will we be able to pre-order??

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