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Now available for pre-order. Even though the new PROCER VENEFICUS – CONVOY (Pt. 2) cd will not be released until the 27th of January you can pick up the limited T-SHIRT & CD package at a discounted price. The t-shirts are limted to 50 copies and come in sizes small thru extra large. PRE-ORDER now for just $18.00 USA & CANADA or $23.00 WORLD! NOTE: SHIPPING CHARGES ARE ALREADY FIGURED INTO THE PRICES. WHEN YOU GO TO THE PRE-ORDER LINK (above) YOU WILL NEED TO USE THE PURCHASE BOX THAT CORRESPONDS TO WHERE YOU LIVE. IF YOU LIVE IN THE USA OR CANADA USE THE FIRST (upper) BOX. IF YOU LIVE ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD USE THE SECOND (lower) BOX. ALSO, YOU CAN PRE-ORDER THE CD ONLY IF YOU’D LIKE. JUST GO TO THE CD’S PAGE TO DO SO. SORRY FOR ANY INCONVENIENCE.

Procer Veneficus - T-Shirt & CD Package.

Procer Veneficus - T-Shirt & CD Package.


Now taking pre-orders for the Brown Jenkins – “Welcome the Bitterness” mini cd.

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We are now taking pre-orders for the Brown Jenkins – “Welcome the Bitterness” mini cd. As always, these are limited to ONLY 100 copies worldwide and they will probably not last long.

Brown Jenkins – “Welcome the Bitterness”  – Seventh in Series

Brown Jenkins - Welcome the Bitterness

Brown Jenkins - Welcome the Bitterness









Well you knew it had to happen sooner or later right? We are so damn proud to have Brown Jenkins be a part of this ongoing tribute to Lovecraft. Taking inspiration from “The Outsider”  the music is a slight diversion from typical Brown Jenkins but nevertheless still as creepy and buzzing as ever. Umesh, mainman behind Jenkins is a man of few words and the music here definately does the talking, but we wanted to take the opprotunity to quote a line from the story that perhaps sums this release up quite nicely. “I know not where I was born, save that the castle was infinately old and infinately horrible, full of dark passages and high ceilings where the eye could only find cobwebs and shadows.”    Click HERE  for an mp3 sample. Order now!

New arrivals 09/29/08

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Ancestral / Wedard – Split CD

Arghoslent – Arsenal of Glory

INFERNO / TUNDRA – Infernal Belief

Nav – Wolf Sun

Pagan Hammer – Pagan Hammer I – Compilation

Peodrh – An Obscure Forgotten Path

Sagittarius – Songs From The Ivory Tower

The True Endless – A Climb to Eternity

The True Endless – Buried by Time and Dust

Tomhet – A Dark Serenity (PRO CD-R)

Unholy Kill – Znameni hori

Vinterriket – Eiszwielicht

Von Thronstahl – Sacrificare

New arrivals for 08/19/08! 33% off is now permanant!!!

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Across Tundras – Dark Songs of the Prairie

Avsky – Mass Destruction

Blackout – Stop the Clock

Clint Listing – My Father, My Keeper

Extinction of Mankind – Northern Scum

Gnaw Their Tongues – An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood

Korrozia Metalla – Russian Vodka (CD/DVD)

Massmord / Shades of Grey – Split CD

NAV (HaBb) – Halls Of Death

Resist – Resistography (double CD)


State of the Union – In the Bitter End…

Trayjen – Walking Among the Stones of Fire

Trees – Lights Bane

Warcollapse – Defy!


Endless Blizzard – Remember Your Death (double LP)

Lorn – Towrds the Abyss of Disease LP

NAV(HaBb) Halls Of Death gatefold LP

Nightbringer/Temple Of Not – Rex Ex Ordine Throni LP

Nightbringer/Serpentinam 10 inch vinyl

New arrivals!!! 33% discount continues!!!

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We have some great stuff this time and the 33% discount continues! Act fast!!! Here is what is new:

Athos – The Awakening of Athos

Athos – Crossing the River of Charon

Carcharoth – Desolated Battlefields

Erhabenheit – Missgediehen

Evilfeast – Lost Horizons of Wisdom

Firth of Damnation – Carpe Diem

Harsgathyr / Ysorex – split cd

Minhyriath – Gondolin

Northern Breeze – Sailing to the North

Rodogor – Repartition

Scorched – The Fifth Season

Valfeanor – En ny tid

Varyag – Memory

Vermis Mysteriis – The Flame

Volh – Solemn March into the Ragnarock

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Velnias – “Sovereign Nocturnal” cd released on July 29th!

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We are proud to announce that the Velnias – Sovereign Nocturnal cd has been released.

Velnias – “Sovereign Nocturnal” CD [GIM028]

Velnias - Sovereign Nocturnal

Velnias - Sovereign Nocturnal

God is Myth Records is proud to present Illinois based blacked doom outfit VELNIAS. The bands music can be best described as a combination of sorrowful black metal with a very doomy atmosphere, combined with elements of folk. Although the band definately has their own sound, one could easily find comparisons to bands like OPETH, AGALLOCH, PRIMORDIAL & WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM.

“Sovereign Nocturnal”, the bands debut album is miles ahead of their 2007 demo “Pacing the Cyclic Nether” in terms of maturity, songcraft & production. With the three songs combining for a total running time of 41 minutes & 15 seconds the emphasis has been laid upon a musical foundation of progressive yet feral riffs intertwining with delicate passages that only make the heavier parts that much more potent, not unlike early Opeth & Agalloch! Combined with lyrical content based upon the premise that the human race is insignificant compared to the grand power and prestige of nature this is a debut album that should not be dismissed!



BROWN JENKINS to record ep for next installment of the Lovecraft Series.

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We are extremely proud and excited to announce that the next installment of the Lovecraft Series will be from Lovecraft enthusiast and Moribund Recording artist BROWN JENKINS! The news was recently posted in a statement on Blabbermouth.com and we are ready to confirm this. Here is the news as it appears. Keep watching God is Myth Records for further updates:

Austin, Texas-based black metal band BROWN JENKINS will enter the studio on August 1 to begin recording a new three-song EP entitled “Welcome the Bitterness”. The CD will contain around 16-17 minutes of new material and will be released on God is Myth as part of the label’s Lovecraft tribute series.

“Welcome the Bitterness” track listing:

01. Broken
02. Second Silence
03. The Nameless

Says the band: “People who are expecting a follow-up to ‘Angel Eyes’ might be a little surprised, as this is a work of joy (joy in death) as a memorial to Lovecraft, and as such is a departure from the sound of the last album. It opens up new areas for JENKINS, but still (of course) features the same compositional convictions. It should take about two weeks to record, and then the release date is then up to God is Myth.”

Brown Jenkins

Brown Jenkins